Our Team

In 2009, Debauve et Gallais decides to come back into the Tea World Market.

Sothea “Rami” Sambath has joined the old merchant company as Tea Master, Creator and exploited the History based on its authentic expertise background by updating its recipes, adding with some new blends of his own, the Legacy has perfectly resumed and offers us today exceptional compositions and favors.

Rami Sambath has served for a decade in the most prestigious Parisian Tea House where he learned his profession. He has worked for several years in the luxury world from Paris to New York and is well known in the Tea World. He is from a Cambodian heritage which inspired him the use of many fruits and spices from his ancestors country, one of the most appreciated sample is “ Souvenirs d’Angkor” a homage to the cradle of the Khmer Empire.

Today the combination of Debauve et Gallais past and Rami Sambath knowledge brings the most valuable to your tea cups.